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Tournament Site Info

Tournaments at F5 Athletics hosted by Vortex Volleyball Club

F5 Athletics 1078 W. 350 S. Suite B, Syracuse, UT 84075

Page updated 8/2/2022

PARKING: Please only park around our building (F5 Athletics) and not at the other building to the East (Warehouse 22, Upbeat gymnastics). There is plenty of parking on the west side of F5 Athletics.


  • Entry fee: $5 per person. Fee is charged per day. 2 and under are free. Cash or Venmo preferred.
  • Food is allowed off sports court. Reclosable lid drinks encouraged but not required. Some concession snacks/drinks will be able for purchase. NO GUM!
  • Please clean up after yourself.
  • Small amount of bleachers for spectators available. Outside chairs allowed and recomended. Please keep chairs off walls and stay in designated chair areas.
  • Please keep your team area out of the way of spectators seating. Do not block walkways and keep area clean at all times, and have team pick up at the end of the day!
  • Wifi is available upon request.
  • Please supervise your children! There is not a play area for children. Please keep them off of equipment, nets, and out of restricted area, etc. One warning will be issued before you will be invited to leave facility. You break it, you pay to fix it.
  • Every team will need to provide a scorekeeper, libero tracker, two lines persons, score board remote controller, and a down ref during their officiating responsibility. Coaches are responsible to ensure each officiating job is being done correctly. Coaches are required to stay with the team at the table. Please review with your teams how to perform these duties.


  • Drinking fountains are available to REFILL athlete water bottles. Water and other beverages are available at the concessions stand.
  • Bathrooms are kept clean and stocked with soap and paper towels.
  • If you have any symptoms of any illness we ask that you do NOT attend our tournament.
  • Please be respectful of other wishing to social distance.

Rebound Sports Court Site info

Some tournaments will be shared locations with Rebound Sportscourt 848 W 1600 S, Clearfield - next to The Hangout Daycare Center.

PARKING: Fridays please park on the West end of the day care, away from the cones until after 5:30pm. Saturdays feel free to park in any available spot and on the street.

Seating Rebound: No outside chairs allowed. There are bleachers for spectators. Bleacher cushions are okay.


Boys Season:

Girls Season: https://www.utahclubvolleyball...


Friday tournaments: Doors open at 3:00 pm. Coach meeting at 3:30pm. Pool play starts at 4:00pm.

Saturday tournaments: Doors open at 7 am. Coach meeting at 7:30am. Pool play starts at 8:00am.

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